10 Halloweed Costume Ideas


October has really flown by this time around.  So if you don’t have your Halloween costume figured out yet…  We went ahead and found 10 awesome ideas for our fellow stoners!! Be sure to check out all of the different renditions some other pot heads have made! 


These are all SO great. Plus you could easily make this with $20 and a quick trip to Home Depot.  Maybe even your local Dollar Store. I think I’d probably use Duct Tape, Poster Board, Paint, a bit of paint, a bowl, and maybe some leaves or fake moss from a craft store.



These are all SO funny, and all of those people look so happy.  This is another one that I think would be pretty cheap to make, and you’d be the life of WHEREVER you go.  Unless it’s like a kids party.  Don’t be that guy.



Do you get it?  If you don’t get it, don’t do it.  However if you DO I recommend bringing those pot brownies (At the end of the slideshow) along because it’ll be PUNNY. Kay I’m done now, I promise.



We only found one of these Pot Head Costumes.  So you still have a chance to be pretty original.  I think that there’s SO much more that could come from this clever concept.  We want to see what YOU come up with.  Maybe we’ll send you a prize for being original!



The amount of people that dress their kids up as a pot leaf is actually pretty surprising.  I found way more kids dressed up as the leaf than I did adults.  Making this costume would be simple.  Get two pieces of cardboard, two cloth straps, a hot glue gun, and some green paint. Or go the extra step with green cloth, stuffing, and a sewing machine. Boom. Donesies. We want to see what you come up with!


We all know that Shaggy and Scooby Doo always had the munchies.  It was no secret. So in case you’ve got a group of people.  Everybody’s got a costume.


These all had me laughing SO hard.  Especially the dad and his kid! EPIC.  No matter what this duo will be a party WIN!


Either one will be super funny.  Take your pick and run with it.


Finally! A costume for your pet, or maybe a small child.  I like the cats outfit, and the pugs the best.  Another one of those strange costumes that SO many people wear.  Still funny though.


If you haven’t seen either of the movies you’re going to have too in order to properly play the role, but, I will never know because I’m hopelessly terrified of mascots and such.  So you do you.

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