11 Most Cannabis Friendly States

If you are a smoker and you are looking to travel, then you have come to the right place! Here we have a list of the top ten Cannabis Friendly states. Some of the factors that determined the ranking of the states include easy access to cannabis, punishment in certain states, and average cost/price-range per ounce. 


1. Colorado

There’s no surprise that Colorado topped the list of smoker friendly states. It was the first state in the US that legalized the use of recreational marijuana. It is also among the states with the most affordable weed in the nation with an average price of $243 per ounce. Not to mention all of the natural beauty (and beauties) and fun smoker friendly activities that are available. Check out our article Cannabis Progression in Colorado to learn a bit more about this!


2. Washington

The state of Washington has also decriminalized recreational marijuana, but people can still be prosecuted under US federal law so be mindful while enjoying everything Washington and its cannabis. The good news is that there are several licensed marijuana shops to serve smokers. The average price of weed in the state is the second cheapest in the nation coming in at $232 per ounce. Plus the people here, are just friendly all around.


3. Oregon

Oregon is another state that has fully legalized the use of marijuana. There is an abundance of smokers in the state. One reason for this is because the state has the cheapest weed in the US, coming in at $204 per ounce. According to statistics, 9.8 percent of the state’s population are smokers.

Beautiful Vista of Mount Hood in Oregon, USA.

4. Alaska

This state offers more natural beauty than any other in the nation which makes it pretty awesome that marijuana is legal for recreational use. While Alaska does not have the largest population of smokers its still quite progressive being one of four states that weed is allowed for everyone. Its not so bad that the average price per ounce is under $300.


5. New Mexico

Medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico but if you are a recreational smoker, then you need to keep your weed hidden. Possession of marijuana can hit you with a good bit of jail time. While that is a pretty frightening thought for the smoker of 2016, the good news is that medical marijuana prices in New Mexico are relatively inexpensive coming in at $286 per ounce of high quality goods.


6. Maine

Maine is set to vote for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in November. Which would make it the first state on the east coast to do so. Currently, the state allows the use of medical marijuana. A downside of smoking in Maine is that weed is on the more expensive side with the average price of an ounce being $305.


7. Michigan

Possession of marijuana is illegal in Michigan unless you have a debilitating medical condition. The good news is that that Michigan doesn’t arrest, prosecute or convict people for mere possession of medical marijuana. That is pretty awesome, not even a slap on the wrist! Another perk of smoking in Michigan is that the price per ounce is about $285 which isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things


8. Rhode Island

While weed doesn’t come cheap in Rhode Island at price of $314 per ounce, a little more than 10 percent of the population are regular users. That says a lot for the state’s population of just over a million. While only medical marijuana use is legal in the state, that doesn’t stop a good number of its people from lighting up.


9. California

Smoking weed is still not fully legal in the Golden State but it is cheap at around $240 per ounce. California is known to be very tolerant and was the first to decriminalize weed. It is also the first state to legalize the use of weed for medicinal purposes. When caught in possession of less than an ounce of weed, it will be treated as an infraction that comes with a fine of up to $100. But it’s about to get even better for the states smokers when it comes to a vote in November. ( Plus Hakuna Supply is based here… you know that could only mean awesome things! )


10. Vermont

While it is still uncertain whether Vermont will legalize recreational use of marijuana this year, residents do have access to medical marijuana. The bad news is that prices for weed in the state are pretty steep at a price of $367 which is the second highest next to North Dakota which is $387.


11. Arizona

The state gets to vote whether recreational smoking will be legal in November. But for now, residents get to smoke medical marijuana. The state also offers competitively priced weed at $286 an ounce, and is among the top 15 when it comes to the number of smokers.


Please comment and share your own experiences with Cannabis and traveling so others can know about the smoker friendly states in the US! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Hakuna Club and learn all the benefits of living with our Problem Free Philosophy.

Article written by: Ron Wall

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