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9 Trends Shaping the Future of Cannabis

With the changing times, several advancements are emerging in the cannabis market. From people promoting its legislation, to the various cannabis infused products. It’s obvious that cannabis has made quite the entrance. With the potential of being the cure for an array of illnesses, as well as a simple solution to so many other things… we thought we would share 9 of the Trends that we are seeing “Shape the Future” so to speak.

1. Cannabis Consumables:

It’s clear that cannabis is not just limited to smokeable intake but has taken to the consumable approach as well!  People enjoy consuming THC/CBD products by way of stylish vape pens, diffusers, candles, jars, CBD water, bath bombs, and so much more. It generally comes in high end stylish packaging is consumed for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to recreational and medicinal uses. Let’s not forget about the other side of things, meaning yours truly (Hakuna Supply) who are about to drop their own line of CBD coffee!

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2. Micro dosing:

One of the best ways to benefit from the pretty green flower without incurring its psychoactive side effects full force, is by the way of microdosing. It does not cause the high which is usually associated with traditional cannabis intake. This practice has become tremendously popular in just a short amount of time!

There are many products in which THC is infused in small quantitys like tea, sweets, mints, tinctures, oils, and beverages. These low dose products are a great fit for medicinal purposes, and thus they are highly accepted.

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3. Voguish Accessories:

We’ll start in our area of things where we are seeing all sorts of innovative trends falling into place.  The stigma associated with weed in itself no longer exists, and indulging is considered normal now. New accessories and products are constantly being invented with new and improved ways to consume the herb. From Wake n’ Bake coffee mugs, to golden rolling papers, all the way back to blunt cases, and nebulizers, needless to say things have gotten innovative!  Even online stores like that of Tetra’ have started coming up with various smoking accessories. Other companies like Inda Creations‘ have come up with hand-made trendy necklaces which promote the green rush’ , have also sprung up.  Let’s not forget about the other side of things, meaning yours truly (Hakuna Supply) who provide users with Discreet, Secure, and of course Stylish storage options!

4. Cannabis Retail Stores:

Cannabis stores are something we may be seeing a lot more of in the near future (here in CA). Since it has been legalized, it has come to be pretty normal to walk into a cannabis dispensary and buy whatever you need. The options don’t just include a few different strains, they also are starting to sell stash boxes, rolling trays, grinder, jars, roach clips, bongs, pipes, rolling accessories, and much more.  A great example is Silver peak located in the U.S., which displays a huge variety of anything you can imagine.

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5. Potential market:

With the legalization of cannabis, people have started seeing this as a booming industry down the line. Many entrepreneurs have left their jobs and shifted to the cannabis market to make a future in it. Entrepreneurs have innovative ideas in mind like selling high end accessories which tells us about the evolving trend of marijuana.

6. Subscription Boxes:

People have started signing up for subscription boxes not just in the cannabis industry but everywhere else too. They are looking for a little bit of variety and for a reasonable price, without having to do too much work.  That’s great.  Customers get specially curated care packages which are the most preferred and the most suitable for them. Cannabis subscription boxes are an absolutely great option with high end cannabis products. It’s beneficial to all of the companies providing product, because it gives them a chance to show what they’ve got to offer!

7. Beauty and wellness products:

Did you know that cannabis is a great remedy to repair skin? Well, that’s true. It is beneficial for the skin and helps to avoid ageing. ‘Cannabis beauty’ products are great when it comes to helping you maintain your soft and healthy skin. With products like bath bombs, scrubs, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and chapsticks  you can be a cannabis beauty queen!

8. Cannabis Tourism:

Amsterdam is renowned as the capital of tourism. However, other places have come into the picture after the recent legalization of cannabis. There are a vide variety of places where the people can come and enjoy some green and relax.

Bud & Breakfast is a luxury holiday rental in Colorado where people can pass the joint to their friends and enjoy the scenic beauty. There is another ‘cannabis friendly’ resort there, where you can dig into the vineyards and enjoy THC infused meals.

Cannabis Tourism Alive and Well

9. The ‘weedia’ trend:

With the cannabis legalization, media has started covering the herb in various print and online media. Many websites like ‘The Cannabist’ have started promoting the ‘pot culture’ by way of fashion, trends and beauty. Tides have finally started changing. Initially talking about cannabis as a whole was a big ‘NO’, and now it is a million-dollar industry.

We are pleased to announce this month’s Guest Author,  Kathy Cooley whom has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis. She is currently associated with 



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