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10 Awesome Things to Do When Stoned

Two male friends getting stoned at home while having a fun conversation.

Getting stoned is a uniquely pleasant experience, whether it’s your first high or your five-hundredth. You can feel your body relax and your mind open up as the high sets in. Depending on your strain and metabolism, you may feel energized, hungry, cerebral, or perhaps like a warm hug is wrapping around your body. Some highs make you contemplative and quiet, some inspire you to have incredible conversations. You may do the best creative work of your life when stoned, or dream the best dreams while relaxing in a comfortable haze.

But it’s not just the high, it’s how you use it. What you do while stoned will shape your experience, as cannabis leaves you immersed and receptive to the world around you. What are the best things to do while stoned? Here at Hakuna Supply, we’ve got a few favorite ways to kick back on cannabis that you should definitely try.

Awesome Things You Can Try While Stoned

1. Listen to Music with Visuals

Since the marijuana revolution of the 60s, what is the single favorite thing to do while stoned? Listen to music and watch trippy visuals. Music visualizers are all over the YouTube channels now, and you can choose your favorite journey of paisleys, fractals, or galaxies swirling at the same beat and tempo as your chosen songs. Put on tunes and visualize on the big screen when hanging out with friends or let your mind escape to a cool ambiance with visualized music and the lights turned low.

If you’re in the mood for something more chill, try videos of walking in the rain through cities or virtual night drives through digitally rendered cities. There are many options for great visuals that can be found with little internet searching.

2. Watch a Good Movie, or Riff a Bad Movie

If you want to immerse into your high and really enjoy your afternoon, put on a good movie. Choose a classic or art film if you want to be really moved. Cult classics like Fight Club or Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas are great activating films for your high. Studio Ghibli movies like Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away will take you to another dimension. Or this might be the perfect time for a stoner comedy like Clerks or Spaceballs.

Alternately, put on something really bad and host a riffing party. Invite your friends to make fun of old monster movies or recent commercial flops as a fun party activity.

3. High Workout Routines

Do you know how awesome it feels to exercise while high? Not everyone does. Cannabis has some natural benefits when it comes to reducing muscle pain while exercising and increasing your recovery rate after a hard workout. If you like to get pumped lifting weights or just need to get your cardio in, get stoned. Even if you’re on a sober day, a little CBD can do a lot to improve your muscle feeling and post-workout recovery. 

Puff a little before your workout while you’re pre-hydrating. Then as you warm up and start to feel that first ache, take a hit and shift into high gear.

4. Make Comfort Food and Cannabis Treats

Cooking with cannabis is a trend that is only increasing in popularity. Many dispensaries now sell baker’s shake, the irregular trim that is still powerful in cannabinoids and trichomes but not perfectly dense buds. Heat gently to activate the cannabinoids and infuse them into your cooking lipids of choice.

Hint: Baker’s shake without stems also makes for great, fluffy home-rolled joints.

Then you can make any kind of comfort food your stoner heart desires. Make your childhood favorites or cook up creative new recipes looked up on the internet. Make most of your food non-medicated, plus a few medicated treats to experiment safely with your edible metabolism at home.

Man using practicing smoke and vape tricks - fun activities to do while stoned.

5. Have an Incredible Conversation

Kick back with a good friend and shoot the breeze. Being stoned is one of the best conversation starters in the world. You will delve into the depths of the universe and solve the world’s problems. Talking with a fellow stoner who you trust and enjoy can open up your mind to ideas and realizations you’ve never thought of before – and may forget a few seconds after. 

Let the inspiration flow through you and the conversation roll into the night. For some of the best conversations you will ever have, get stoned with your close friends. Far away? A video chat in a dark room is almost as good as being able to pass the joint in person.

6. Practice Smoke and Vape Tricks

Let’s not forget all the cool stuff you can do when you’re smoking or vaping. Smoke trips are a long-standing stoner tradition, and one of the best ways to work through a big bag of schwag (if you can even get schwag anymore).

With your vape box, joint, bong, or pipe, start trying a few tricks you’ve seen. Look up smoke tricks on the internet and challenge your friends to try. The first person to blow a complete ring or achieve an altered ring formation takes another hit.

7. Take a Walk in Nature

Feeling peaceful? Take a walk outside on the most tree-lined path you can find. If you can, walk along the water’s edge or through beautiful natural terrain. The feeling can make you contemplative and receptive to inspiration all around you. You may notice details you’ve never seen on a familiar walk through your garden, neighborhood, or nearby parkland. Put in one earbud to listen to music on your walk, or step quietly and listen to the soft sounds of nature all around you.

8. Take a Warm Bubble Bath or Shower

One of the most luxurious things you can do while stoned is to take a bath or if you prefer, a warm shower. Bath oils, aromatherapy, scrubbing salts, or just laying back in the steam to let your whole body relax are even more enjoyable when you are stoned. Cannabis increases your sensitivity and your ability to fully enjoy a sensual experience. Warm water relaxes your muscles and as you float, your mind can wander beyond the confines of your bathtub, house, or the physical laws of the universe.

A good stash box and tray are essential when stoning in the bath. For baths or showers, keep a closed stash box to protect your cannabis from moisture and a hand towel for quick drying before each bathtime toke.

9. Play Video Games Solo or with Friends

Let’s not understate the importance of getting stoned and playing video games. Whether you want to dive into your favorite single-player game or get online with friends for some multiplayer adventuring, video games can be much more immersive with the help of cannabis.

Be aware of your reaction times, which may be altered – enhanced, or slowed depending on your personal cannabis response and choice of strain. You may be able to get deeper into a strategy game or find yourself “in the zone” on a combat game, but your stoned player self will often be a little different from your sober game performance.

10. Get Your Creative Groove On

Last but never least is your creative work. Sativa and some personal cannabis reactions will make you feel inspired, creative, and energetic when stoned. Embrace that, lean into it, and release your internal artist. Choose your medium or try a different craft with every high. Discover what you can create or the creative endurance you achieve when doing your artistic work while stoned.

What can you do while stoned? The possibilities are limitless, as each experience is unique for each person. Choose something that makes you feel good and leans into the beneficial effects of your strain and personal cannabis experience.

If you are in need of supplies to make your cannabis plans complete, Hakuna Supply has everything including stash boxes, trays, grinders, and artisan bongs. Contact us today or explore our Hakuna Supply online store.


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Two male friends getting stoned at home while having a fun conversation.

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