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10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

The Thanksgiving spread doesn’t have to be all about turkey and ham. Check out our top 10 vegan favorites that hold their own next to Uncle Joe’s double fried turducken.

chickpea pot pie vegetarian 19 678x1024 1

This Easy Chickpea Pot Pie is packed with a creamy vegetable filling and wrapped in a buttery crust (and best of all, you just need one pan to make it)! Your vegetarian dinner just got a lot less boring. Find Live Eat Learn’s recipe here.

butternut risotto recipe 745x1024 1

This butternut squash risotto recipe tastes incredible! Roasted butternut squash and crispy fried sage take it over the top. This risotto is also healthier than most, since it calls for brown rice instead of white, and requires practically no stirring. You can just bake it all in the oven! Recipe yields 4 servings. Get the full recipe by Cookie and Kate here.


This impressive autumn-inspired dish can be served as a main course for vegan and vegetarian eaters or can be enjoyed by everyone at the table as a side dish. 

zucchini lasagna 1 683x1024 1

Delicious, cheesy, and comforting Zucchini Lasagna! This low carb recipe will give you ALL the feels of classic lasagna – but with less guilt by using zucchini noodles. Layers of garlic-y flavor, fresh basil, and so much cheesy goodness. This recipe is soo delicious you won’t even miss using pasta! Find A Simple Palate’s recipe here.

Mashed Potatoes with Simple Mushroom Gravy

Cauliflower mashed potatoes topped with a simple mushroom gravy that comes together in less than 10 minutes. Get out how the Minimalist Baker did it here.


This vegan meatless loaf is so moist and flavorful that you won’t need stuffing or even gravy. It’s gluten-free and soy-free, too! Thank you Fat Free Vegan.

wild mushroom gravy recipe

Of course, gravy is often overlooked when it comes to accommodating vegetarians on Thanksgiving. But not by Oh My Veggies.

roasted squash 04 58847 md110320 horiz

Cover Try Roasted Squash with Grapes, Shallots, and Sage A130606 MSLO Clean Plate Oct 2013

Real grapes are ripe in fall, and their caramelized sweetness is offset by musky roast sage—perfect for this nutty roasted squash and grain entrée. We found this one on

vegan cheeseball 2 of 4 683x1024 1

This vegan cheese ball is made with creamy cashew cheese flavored with maple syrup and Dijon mustard, rolled up and covered with a crunchy pecan crust. Check out the step by step by Connoisseur Veg here.

Vegan Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls 3482

The soft, yeasty dough is loaded with the typical cinnamon roll fare: butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans + chunky bits of chopped apples.  We love I Love Vegan for making this savory recipe.


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