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10 Ways to Smell-Proof your Stash Box

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Smell-Proof your Stash Box

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You’ve, no doubt, put some time and effort into creating the ultimate stash box. Whether it be a secretive book box hidden on your shelf or a stylish and high-tech finger-print box engraved with your favorite logos or spiritual symbols, then you’ve probably taken some time to decide how you want to store your stash. The problem is that sometimes the box just isn’t completely smell-proof and the boxes that are, you just don’t like. Let’s face it, the ones on the market are pretty lame; glorified tupperware.
We know you love your stash, and the smell of it; but sometimes it would be nice to keep the smell under wraps. Maybe you have a not so canna-educated family member or maybe you have roommates with sticky fingers; the smell of hemp or marijuana can be strong and very identifiable. This can definitely lead problems when you’re trying to keep your stash hidden for one reason or another. So, what can be done to mask the smell and keep your precious stash hidden and safe? We have some great solutions that really work. Keep using your favorite stash box and have control over the smell of your stash.
There are many things that can help keep the smell of your stash discrete. The first, most obvious step will be to use airtight jars or containers. Not only do we know these keep your stash fresh, but they will help contain the smell. Get your jars here! Then, adding a odor-eliminating agent, like charcoal, gel, loose tea, coffee grounds or baking soda is a great choice. You could use nylon or another thin fabric to make a quick odor-absorbing pouch, tie it up with a rubber band and place it in your stash box.
There are other options like incense that are helpful too, but these mask the smell more than absorb smell. Masking the smell could be all that’s needed. Using a used dryer sheet can also mask the smell well and give those wasteful sheets a new purpose.

No matter what you prefer, masking or absorbing the smell, you’ve got options! Maybe try a few different ones and see what seems to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. The great thing about many of these solutions is that you probably already have them, not need to run to the store.

10 Ways to Smell-Proof your Stash Box


It’s important to keep your stash in an airtight container like our jars. These jars keep your flower fresh and keep the smell contained. Plus, you can customize these jars with personal, custom engraving. 


If you don’t have an airtight container or jar, in a pinch, use a sealed bag. Even if it’s just a zip lock bag, it will keep your stash fresh and smell minimized.


Not everyone knows how amazing baking soda is when it comes to absorbing smell, but it is a great tool to keep your stash box smelling more like just a box. Just change it out every couple of weeks. Low cost and affective.


Not just for pearly white smile; charcoal can also absorb strong smells. Just put a hand-full into a fabric bag or nylon material and tie it up and place in your stash box! 


Fill a nylon stocking with coffee grounds and place the little pouch in your stash box. This is a trick that many perfume sales-people use to help customers compare scents.  

6. TEA

Some as easy as fresh tea bags can help to absorb the smells and bring a fresh scent. So, if all you have is Tea, you’ve still got something that could work to minimize the Canna-Odor.


If you’re a fan of incense, you can totally put some in your stash box to add a new, spicy scent. Just keep in mind that some incense may be strong. Less is more for this one.


There are many of these gel odor absorbers on the market. They work well and you can get ones that are completely natural and, in a case, compact enough to fit in a stash box.


If you use dryer sheets, you know you go through those fast and then right into the trash they go. Why not reuse them to make your stash box smell fresh and clean?


If you have a favorite essential oil, you could use a small diffuser in your stash box with your oil. Keep in mind, so many things can be used as a diffuser, wood, stones, even fabric.


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