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Cannabis Companies that Give Back

Cannabis Companies that Give Back (Humanitarian Day)

Today, opponents of cannabis legalization believe that the herb brings nothing but harm to the community and a threat to increased teen use. Well, with the way things are going, it’s clear that legalization can boost the economy and eventually make our communities a better place to live in. For the most part, the cannabis industry has witnessed a significant boost in recent times — over half of the United States have full access to medical marijuana, and up to 9 states have legalized recreational cannabis. It has even been projected that the industry will be worth $40 billion in 2020. With this influx of cash, many marijuana companies have resorted to giving back to their communities and the world in a big way. As we know, some individuals and businesses have issues with cannabis philanthropy, but we would like to make mention of five companies who have decided to make a point — people who smoke cannabis also have a heart.

Here are five companies who are leading the way in charitable success:

Raw Rolling Papers is one of the many cannabis companies that have been doing all they can to make the world a better place. They carry out their philanthropic activities via Raw Foundation whose mission is to improve the lives of as many people as possible with whatever resources they can spare. The most amazing thing is that the Raw Foundation doesn’t run donations — it’s self-funded. Every funding and donations for the foundation come from Raw Rolling Papers.

This self-funded foundation has been doing a lot of great works since its establishment. For starters, they have dug quite many wells in Ethiopia and supplied up to 200,000 meals to malnourished children. They’ve also furnished hundreds of Sawyer Filters after Super Typhoon Haiyan and sponsored an orphanage in Bali Indonesia. These are just a few of their many great accomplishments — you can check out their website to see a lot more!

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This is yet another cannabis company that has been making waves — they have contributed greatly to One Colorado; an organization that works towards advancing equality for LGBTQ Coloradans and their families. The support provided by Good Chemistry on behalf of the Colorado LGBTQ community have earned the CEO Matt Houron an Ally Award in 2016. That’s not all — The company also have a Compassion Program that donates medical marijuana to terminally ill or low-income patients.

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Hakuna Supply isn’t left out on the moves to make the world a better place. This company that’s built on a problem free philosophy also does its best to contribute positively to the community they live in — they’ve been doing it and still look forward to doing more. Hakuna Supply promises to donate $1.00 to charitable environmental causes for every Hakuna bundle sold — this is the Circle of Life Promise.

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Bloom Room is a San Francisco cannabis dispensary that focuses on making life better for members of their community. They plan multifaceted community outreach programs that give back and promote the wellness of their medical patients. Members are typically provided with massage and compassion is shown to low-income patients. The store also has a community calendar that features events like picking up trash on their local alleyway on Jesse Street in San Francisco and much more. The best part? Patients are offered a joint or some other form of medicine in return for their help in cleanups.


The Clinic is a cannabis dispensary in Colorado that has been an active supporter of National Sclerosis Society. Over the past few years, this cannabis company has been singled out for its unrelenting support of National MS society. For the most part, the Clinic has raised up to $300,000 for the society in the state of Colorado since 2010 — this was done through the annual Clinic Charity Golf Tournament and the Walk MS.

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These are just five companies in the cannabis industry that have been finding ways to give back to their communities and the world. It’s a clear indication that those running cannabis companies are looking to set a standard of well run, socially responsible companies.

Please like, share and comment with you experiences buying or working with cannabis companies that are socially responsible. Also, let us know of any other companies in the industry that give back to their community, the environment, and our world for a chance for them to be added or featured in our articles!


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