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Cannabis Gifts Bundles for Millennials

Are you wondering what to get your Millennial? Well, we got you covered! 

The upcoming holidays full of gift giving is coming in hot, even if we celebrate separately. The only possible difference will be less man power getting these gifts into the right hands. This year, more than ever, gift shopping on Black Friday and the weekend following will be the smartest choice. 

We have ensured we have all our most popular items in stock and ready to ship Take advantage of our biggest sale of the year! 

hakuna supply 336x280 sustainable jars
hakuna supply 720x300 infused

Here's what to expect....

Choose a stash box

Choose an engraving design

Choose what goes inside 

BOOM! Best. gift. ever. 

Choose from many different boxes and designs. From our discrete book boxes to our high-tech fingerprint box, we have a box that will be a gift that keeps giving. 

With every stash box sold the recipient can have a tree planted!


We’ve got everything your CBD-loving, Natural-living, Worry-free Millennial would love. 

Add some drink drops and or some of our CBD flower and a grinder with a personalized design!

We have 4 different blends of our pre rolls to add to your gift bundle: The Original, Amazon, Mintz and Moon Blend!

We are now offering them in three different bundles: a 20 pack, 10 pack and 2 pack! 

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