Cannabis Infused Dinner In Bel Air By Food Flower Future

Food Flower Future has once again produced a wonderful evening infused with great food and flower! Our signature Hakuna Hemp Roast and Vegan Thai Iced Tea were on hand for guests to sample in between THC tastings.

We had a condensed display of our retail offerings to fit the intimate feel and crowd size of the evening.
The sold out dining experience served up five courses of seasonal cuisine paired with pre-rolls by Aloha Humboldt; completed with an infused dessert using 3Leaf Edibles.
The evening’s menu and close ups of some of the courses below:
Food Flower Future Event Host and Producer Khara Pechtes.

Our fellow co-sponsors for the evening included:
@alohahumboldt @profsnook @arcanna_flowers @mendocinogenerations @turbyandco @solspiritfarm @cannareign @seefenix @thistlebefloral @highstylebrewing @3leafedibles @ritualandrose & @mybudvase

For more information about her next event, a cannabis brunch set for December 2019, click here.

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