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Cannabis Safety: How to Keep Your Kids Out of Your Stash


A family is such bliss! You get to see your kids growing up, doing things on their own, accomplishing their goal, finding your stash…Wait! That’s probably something a parent has nightmares about, right? Even if you love cannabis, you obviously love your children more! So you need to make sure that your own “me-time” does not mess with their health and well-being. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do!

Ways to Store Cannabis Safely

First of all, you should know that there are a plethora of smell-proof jars and stash boxes on the market. This is a great option for keeping some “adult items” private from the kiddies. The smell is what typically drives kids to find the cannabis, but with the proper storage you can be sure that nothing will trigger their curiosity. As an idea keep things in high locations (no pun intended) or hide your herb next to some other herbs that have already proven to be uninteresting.

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Another reliable solution would be for you to lock your cannabis up. We actually think of this as the most reliable solution. This is about as safe as it gets because most of the time kids can’t break into the lock, and parents usually have great hiding spots for keys. If you intend to sleep tight at night and never have to worry about the explorations of your precious little ones, keeping your stash locked up sounds just about right. Check out Hakuna’s Lockable Options for the utmost discretion.


When and Where to Smoke

If you have kids, you already know it’s best not to smoke when they are around. Fortunately for you and not so much for them, kids are now cramped with things to do. They learn foreign languages, go to the gym or take up hobbies in their free time. All these activities offer you a way out. No matter how busy your daily schedule might be, you can spend some alone time at home. This is where you can enjoy your cannabis carefree!

Alternatively, you can use your garage as a shelter and stay away from the kids. You can say you are searching for your tools, this sounds just boring enough to keep them away. Smoking herb in your car can be dangerous, though. Make sure that you do not simply decide to go for a drive.


Last but not least, you can smoke in the garden. Being outdoors, the smell will not be as intense and will fade quickly. If you absolutely must smoke inside your house there are many items that can be purchased like the previously mentioned Smoke Buddy. One could also make something called a “sploof” which can be made with the cardboard of a toilet paper or paper towel filled with dryer sheets.  Here are some better instructions courtesy of MaryJanesDiary.  Once the smoke is blown through this item the smell will be dissipated. Bing, bang, boom!

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