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Don’t Smoke Your Stems, Use Them!

This is a common question I think we have all had before.  Uh okay I could just throw these stems away, but what if I could use them for something? Well here comes Hakuna Supply to save the day! The answer is YES, we do have solutions for you.  At least one of these ideas is bound to work for you.

For those who don’t know, smoking a stem will not get you high and it IS bad for you. It’s like smoking the stem of a rose. Why?  So, unless you are craving a nasty headache, we don’t recommend trying it. Now, with that being said, we DO recommend holding on to those bad boys.

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Here’s why:

1.     You can make Tea, or Hot Cocoa and while it won’t give you a strong high, it WILL relax you.  We like to combine our favorite teas, and the stems, in times we need to focus, or right before bed.  Not only will it help you get some great rest, but you will wake up feeling completely refreshed. Who doesn’t want that?

You’ll need at least a teaspoon of ground stems.  You don’t want to consume the grinds, so you will begin by adding the ground stems into a strainer or coffee filter, then you will pour boiling water very slowly over the strainer and into your cup.  Repeat this step as many times as you want to get the full effect. Once you feel confident that it’s as strong as you would like it, add the tea bag or chocolate of your choice, mix in with a spoon, and drink up.


2.     This next one is almost the opposite of your tea or cocoa.  Stem Infused AlcoholInfusion of alcohol and cannabis stems has been around for quite some time, although we only recently heard about it.  The feeling it gives is like a full body buzz… sort of the same as alcohol alone, but also the way an edible makes you feel, the difference being that it usually hits hard and fast. We strongly suggest that you take this pretty slow if this is your first time.

Get a bottle of vodka, whiskey, rum, or gin. Make sure it contains at least 40% alcohol.  Pour some of it into another glass container, so you don’t have to waste any.  Grind the marijuana stems into small pieces before placing them into the bottle(completely submerged).  Seal the bottle or jar and place it in a cool, dark space. Revisit the bottle every day and give it a good shake, repeat this for anywhere from 7 to 10 days.  After a week or so you can pour the alcohol through a fine mesh strainer to remove any plant material.  Enjoy your homemade cannabis infused liquor… responsibly.

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3.     Most topicals are made with stems.  Cannabis Topical has a strong therapeutic effect and this is a way you could make them at home.  Using this basic cannabis topical recipe, you can customize your topical to give you whatever you are looking for, by adding in your own essential oils and vitamins.   So, you’ll be left with pain relief, relaxation, soreness relief, and even help with inflammation.  We think that’s worthwhile.

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4.     Hemp Wick. We find that overall some people use it and others don’t. The ones who do use it, are using it to keep smoking as natural as possible, and to avoid the butane fumes from the regular lighters.  If you want it, the best way to make it is with none other than the stems you’ve got left over. It’s a straightforward process, but you’re going to need to have a lot of stems, and, they should be pretty long. To make hemp wick, you’ll need to strip the longest stems you have or left-over stalks (if you grow) with a sharp blade until you are left with multiple strings of fiber. Then, twist the fibers together to form a thin rope, and fold the rope over, then twist it again. Dip it in beeswax, let it dry, boom.  Hemp Wick.


5.     Here’s something we haven’t tried yet, but maybe we should start!  Hemp Paper. This could be useful in the office, or maybe for Holiday Cards… not too sure grandma would be too thrilled if she knew.  However, the process is easy.  1: Soak ground cannabis stems and paper scraps in water overnight.  After they have been thoroughly soaked (good and soggy), you’re going to add both (paper scraps and stem soak) into a blender and you will blend until they are a nice pulpy mush. Next, you’ll want to pour the pulp onto a screen or a “deckle” (you could also use a pair of nylon stockings over a wooden frame for this) but it should be even, not lumpy.  We recommend putting parchment paper and a heavy book over the top of it to flatten it out.  The process should take about 24 hours so plan accordingly.


6.     Finally, Kabob Skewers? We’re not too sure how this will work we haven’t tried it, and we know it’s not likely you have long enough stems to pull it off.  However, if you do and you can pull it off… We would LOVE to see the outcome.  Maybe you’ll have a discount in your future.  Plus, it’ll add some flavor to your kabobs.  To do this you need to sharpen the end of a few long stems and soak them overnight. By the time, you’re done making your dinner the following day, the skewers will be ready for use. Send Proof.

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