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The holidays are here. As a vegan it is always a bit of a challenge, especially when you find yourself out numbered by meat-eaters. It’s no fun when you show up to functions hungry and there is nothing you can eat available. Why not plan ahead? 
Think about vegan dishes that can be shared; corn on the cob, maple glazed carats, mashed potatoes or stuffed mushrooms. Not only will you have something to eat that is delicious and guilt-free but you can tell your meat-eater friends after dinner that those dishes they gobbled up were, in fact, vegan!
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You’ll be surprised by the amount of options that are available. You could easily plan a whole vegan Thanksgiving menu! So, if your whole family is vegan or open to eating Vegan for Thanksgiving it is totally doable and your table will be beautiful with all the colors that will come together for a perfect vegan Feast. 

Whether or not your whole family is vegan, ease the stress and serve some delicious CBD beverages; Coffee, tea, cider or maybe some cocktails!? 

Stay tuned; Hakuna Kitchen will be coming up with some great recipes to enjoy for you holiday!

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