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How Does One Identify a Cannabis Strain?

cannabis strain

Do you have a hard time identifying cannabis strains? Have you ever smoked some really good bud but just can’t seem to figure out the particular strain that got you high? We all know how that feels — you’re likely to have a burning desire to find that same fire herb. The only way out is to know how to identify strains. Now, the process of identifying strains can be a bit tricky — there are well over 700 different cannabis strains, and the number keeps growing each day.

So what does this mean? Well, it only implies that it’s going to take a whole lot of work to sift through all those strains to find your fire herb. The good news is, there are a couple of things you can do to narrow it down, and that’s exactly what this post is about.

From this point on, we’re going to explore the step-by-step process for identifying strains so you can get familiar with what you’re smokin. Sounds good? Let’s get to it!

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Step 1: Shape and Size of the Beautiful Buds

The very first things you want to look at are the shape and size of the buds. This is when we figure out if you’ve got an indica, sativa or hybrid.

Indica Strains typically produce heavy and tightly packed buds. They look short and chunky. On the flip side, Sativa Strains produce long and narrow flowers, which aren’t as densely packed as indicas.

So, if you’re looking for short and stubby buds, you should be on the lookout for pure indicas or indica-dominant hybrids. Also, if you’re looking to have longer and thinner flowers, you can limit your search to sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids.

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Step 2: Color of the Flowers

  • Most marijuana strains will produce buds that are green — pretty standard and might not tell you what you’re trying to figure out at first glance. However, look a little closer to see if you can notice a bit of a tint.
  • Often times you’ll find a bud that has a bit of a purple to it. Purple typically appears in strains like Purple Kush, Purple Urkle, Grandaddy Purple and Purple Haze. Just be sure to look for these strains if you see purple.
  • Other times you might see buds with yellow and orange hues. When you see these colors in your cannabis, just know that you’re going to have something like Grapefruit, Alien OG, Lemon Kush or Kandy Skunk.
  • That’s not all though! Some strains grow reddish buds — such strains could be linked to Pink Flower Shaman or Predator Pink.
  • In some circumstances, although rather rare… You’ll find some black bud, this usually tells you that you’re likely smoking something grown from a Vietnamese strain.

Note: It’s not recommended to rely on color to identify your strain. Why? Well, it’s only because environmental factors can affect the color of the buds.

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