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Mother’s Day Special Drink Recipe – Metagalactic Cosmic Cocktail

Metagalactic Cosmic Cocktail

Our Cosmic Message To You For Mother’s Day

Calling all fellow aliens we are here to worship our motherships this week! Their love can feel out of this world. So how can we repay our motherships with well unconditional love of course but to also take a moment to really understand everything they do to maintain their small alien squad! So we attempted to put ourselves in our leaders’ space suits to better understand the best way to give back!

Now you are probably wondering how we are going to help you treat your motherling like she is out of this world? Besides bringing her breakfast in bed which is recommended, (some might even say a requirement) go the extra mile to pair her meal with our energizing CBD Matcha Green Tea known to give our motherlings a natural, earthy start to her day! Which includes all organic ingredients such as Japanese Sencha, Japanese Matcha and of course Broad Spectrum Water- Soluble Cannabidiol CBD! This CBD Matcha Green Tea will take her on a silky journey through enlightened realms of pleasure!

Take this time today to let your mom lift off into space as you take over some daily controls. That could range anywhere from vacuuming up space particles, cleaning the ships windows or simply tidying up the space den. You’ll float easy knowing that your motherling feels appreciated and loved on her special day of thanks so you don’t want to forget to play a galactic game or two to include the one on one space bonding time.

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Metagalactic Cosmic Cocktail

Metagalactic Cosmic Cocktail

We know we are all orbiting in our own spaceships right now and can’t go off visiting other planets and galaxies so we created a new fun, out of this world planetary recipe (that is alcohol suggested) called the Metagalactic Cosmic Cocktail that will send your motherling shooting into the stars. Follow the countdown to send your mothership on her intergalactic journey!

5. Add 1 oz. Lemonade
4. Add 1 oz. Tequila
3. Add ¾ oz. Blue Curacao
2. Add ¾ oz. Grenadine
1. Then top if off with 1 Full Dropper of Blue Dream CBD Drink Drops

And we have Blast off!
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Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

Enjoy this week’s space jam!

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