Mulled Apple Cider, CBD Drink Drops

CBD Drink Drops

CBD Drink Drops

Mulled Apple Cider

CBD Drink Drops

Make your house smell amazing while you make this easy recipe for mulled apple cider. Add our Original Drink Drops for the perfect ‘sit-back and chill’ Fall drink.CBD Drink Drops


    • 6 Cups of your favorite apple cider
    • 4 cinnamon sticks for making the cider
    • 1 orange
    • whole cloves
    • extra cinnamon sticks for each cup
    • Hakuna Supply Original Drink Drops (add right before serving)
    • rum or bourbon (optional)


  • Pour apple cider into a large crockpot. Add 4 cinnamon sticks. Stick the cloves into the orange. Cover it as much as desired.
  • Place the orange into the crockpot. Heat on low for about 4 or 5 hours. Remove orange and cinnamon sticks before serving. If you choose to use rum or bourbon pour your preferred amount into your cup, then add Hakuna Supply Drink Drops and the mulled cider with a cinnamon stick. Cheers!

CBD Drink Drops

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