Hakuna Supply is Rooted in Los Angeles, CA and was sprouted in 2016. Grown with our problem-free philosophy, we believe in transparent customer service and giving back more than we take. Quality and sustainability is the water that makes us grown and the customers are the sunshine which makes us blossom.

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Responsibility, Sustainability, Integrity

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Charitable Donation

At Hakuna we have made it part of our mission to donate a portion of our profit to benefiting homeless veterans, wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

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We make a conscience effort to eliminate all plastics and no recyclable materials from in our packaging as well as serve vegan beverages and pastries using compost serving ware at our cafe.

Hakuna Seeds

Seed Paper Packets

We include a unique seed-paper packet with every purchase. These sustainable packets include a biodegradable circle paper loaded with a mix of pine and spruce seeds.

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