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About Us

Hakuna started in 2016 with a clear mission: to bring cannabis goods to customers in a fun, friendly and sustainable way—in other words, our goal is to provide great customer experiences from purchase to delivery of products that relieve stress and clutter, powered by sustainable supply chains.

For as long as I could remember there were two types of cannabis users: those who hid their cannabis and accessories in the ugliest things and those who left it sprayed out all over their dining room table. And it just so happened that many of my roommates were the type who not only left all their goodies on our dining room table (wasting precious buds), but also had the nerve to take mine! So I decided to take it upon myself to design something that would alleviate quite a few different problems. 1) A simple way to organize that looked nice. 2) Adding functions on the box so those with sticky hands would stay away. 3) Including a rolling tray so you could easily put back the leftovers.

Fast forwarding to the present day, our boxes and wellness products have now won and placed multiple awards from Dope Magazine Awards to the Los Angeles Coffee Festival. We continue to innovate in the cannabis lifestyle space with biometric locking systems and finding synergies between cannabis and functional foods. We have focused more on bringing personalization to our customers from one off laser etching to building your own gift bundles. Whether personal or corporate, we pack each order with a circle of life promise to plant a tree with every box sold*. While each product is made to alleviate stress, it is our desire to function responsibly as a corporation that keeps us going.

Our approach to business is centered around honoring and maintaining our most important relationship, mother nature. We’re committed to using sustainable packaging and giving back for more than we take. Our goal is to make elevated products accessible, affordable, and an everyday option for our loyal customers as well as building a business our employees are proud to come to everyday.

Ilan Freeman
Founder & CEO

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Hakuna's circle of life promise

We promise to make a conscious decision to help our most precious resource, mother nature. We will continue to find, source and use eco friendly packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. We include, with every box purchased, personal or corporation, a card with a link that will allow you to plant a tree in various places around north America. And we promise to allocate a portion of profits to local and national charities whose goal is to protect our Earth.

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”

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Hakuna Hemp Cafe

Hakuna Hemp Café is a pop-up environment designed for the festival experience. It will feature a menu of CBD infused beverages paired with vegan pastries and retail goods. The café can be set up as a 10×10 canopy or a 20’x30’ wooden structure with chalice walls, decorated inside with bistro tables, rugs and noir/bohemian affects. The large café can host a small wooden stage for musicians, open mics, poetry readings, and the occasional DJ. Upon request the Hakuna Hemp Café can be open 24hrs for the duration of the festival and will boast an activity board of small events and late-night movie screenings.

Our objective

The Hakuna Hemp Café aims to bring to our festival family the romance and inspiration which 19th century European cafes brought to great artists and intellectuals. We wish to provide a classic café atmosphere as a fertile environment for good conversation and peaceful grounding, as well as a relaxing late-night hang for wanderers and psychonauts. We believe CBD is a gift and we would love to share it with the festival community. CBD has shown to reduce psychotic-like symptoms which can be beneficial for festies flying too high.

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