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Stoner Accessories Everyday Essentials Bundle


Get all your essentials in one easy place with a little bit extra. If you are just looking for something a little more you or you need to upgrade your current essentials then this is the bundle. Coming with our heavy duty 60mm black grinder that includes a kief catcher and shovel, airtight bamboo stash jar to keep up to 1/8oz of your flower fresh and smells in, plus a cork top glass doobtube to take your joints and blunts on the go. Not to mention the King Palm blunt wrap as the cherry on top!

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Gift Bundle Includes

  • Black 4pc Grinders with Kief Catcher and Shovel 
  • Bamboo Stash Jar | 1/8oz
  • Glass DoobTube with Cork Top
  • King Palm Blunt Wrap with Poker

Tree of Life, Sun & Moon, Sea Turtle, Geometric Elephant, UFO, Midnight Trip, Western Cat, Sugar Skull

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