Mintz Herbal Blend | Hakuna Hemp Preroll | 1g


Hakuna herbal blend prerolls are 1g joints containing a melody of smoking grade hemp along with USDA certified herbs and leafs. Each preroll is carefully packed to ensure an even and long burn to ensure best quality smoke. Containing approximately 27mg of active cannabinoids this smooth and easy to smoke preroll offers natural relief from stomach pain and digestion. 

We offer a variety of packaging options so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle:

  • 2 Pack with Reusable Glass & Cork Doob Tube.
  • 10 Pack with Reusable 6g Bamboo Stash Jar
  • 20 Pack with Reusable 1/2oz Bamboo Stash Jar

Ingredients: Hobarts Haze, Peppermint, Mullein, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lavender Flowers, Mugwort, Rose Petals, Catnip, Calendula Flowers, Damiana, Lobelia and Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Powder.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 5 in
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2 Pack, 10 Pack, 20 Pack

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