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Incredible Hulk | Hobart’s Haze CBD Flower


Maybe The Hulk would be a more relaxed guy if Bruce Banner tried a CBD strain as potent as he alter ego. The Hulk hemp strain would be the thing to calm down the avenger’s nerves. Although it won’t feel as thrilling as saving the entire universe, we promise this strain will make your day.

The Hulk hemp strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This highly energizing Sativa, which users recognize as a potent daytime remedy, is perfect for the most profound physical and mental malaise.

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The Hulk hemp strain will exceed any smell expectation with its delicious fruity aroma at the beginning, making it a delight before you have even started smoking.

The blueberry flavor is sweet as its delightful smell and has delicate earthy undertones at the end to caress your taste. Then, it comes in with a light pine flavor and a hint of pineapple. There is a slight bitterness at the end that goes away as soon you take another puff. The unique blend of flavors present in the Hulk hemp strain is absolutely unexpected due to its robust appearance.


This potent Sativa strain will make you feel like a superhero. Its uplifting effects will immediately fix your mood, making you feel weightless. Yet, the Hulk hemp strain will surround you with a unique, comfortable sensation.

The energizing effects of this strain are ideal to set a good work mood that will improve your performance and concentration. Furthermore, the Hulk hemp strain is a recommended daytime strain, and many users like it to put themselves to work nicely or as an aid for social events.

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