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Reach Overall Workplace Happiness With Our Hakuna Hemp Roast On Labor Day and Every Work Day

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What provides: teamwide productivity, focus, an overall less stressed workplace and not to mention helps soothe individual’s health issues such as insomnia, fatigue, and inflation? Our Hakuna Hemp Roast Awaken Blend Full Spectrum CBD Coffee of course.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, in honor of Labor Day being just around the corner we’ve rounded up some of our favorite customers thoughts and reasons on why they love our coffee both at work and at home.


With a larger workplace, employee responses were kept anonymous in order to encourage honesty. 🙂

Do you feel more focused? 
“I feel regular amount of focused but I do feel awake(ned).”
“I think maybe a little [throughout the day].

When asked if individuals noticed a lack of jitters or crash?
“I feel no jitters or no crash. Nice Easy going energy.” 
“Definitely didn’t feel jittery or experience a crash.”

Please share your opinion on taste:
“I think it tastes great! =)”
“A bit bitter, but add a dash of your favorite creamer and very tasty.”

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PRØHBTD is a cannabis-centric lifestyle brand for the conscious mind and cultured palate that rebels against prohibition past, present and future through art, street fashion, travel, cuisine, and entertainment. Find them at and @prohbtd on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Cannabis Club TV / NB Media

Photo Credit: Nora Brown

Founder of NB Media and Senior Sales Manager for Cannabis Club TV loves her morning cup: “Rise and grind with Hakuna Awaken Blend. All health no high!! I look forward to a cup of CBD infused coffee every morning. Working in the busy world of broadcast advertising, Hakuna coffee helps keep me focus with a chill vibe.”

Cannabis Club TV is the first broadcasting OOH/OTTtv/PPV (Out of Home/Over the Top TV/Pay Per View) network devoted to the cannabis industry, certified by Tommy Chong- at dispensaries, on the internet, on your home TV and via a mobile app.  The rapidly-growing network produces and publishes the latest cannabis-related news, entertainment and business content straight into dispensaries’ waiting rooms and sales floors across the nation while simultaneously helping to facilitate a marketing and branding reach for businesses like never before.

Call them today to find out how CCTV can take your business higher, monetize your wall or broadcast your content 855-763-CCTV – tell them your friends at Hakuna Supply HIGHly recommend them!


Photo Credit: InnDica

Start-up growing pains have had me really stressed out lately. The Hakuna Awaken Blend smooths out my rough edges in the morning, giving me a chance to focus on my daily tasks without the distraction of the chaos surrounding me. 

– Monique Jackson-Fitzgerald, Co-Founder – @InnDica420


Focusing in the morning is my weakness…or at least it used to be. Hakuna’s Awaken Blend has become a vital part of my morning routine. It helps me focus and get motivated to tackle a full day in the startup world! Appreciate you Hakuna!!

 – Rick Fitzgerald, Co-Founder – @hillbillywandering


InnDica is a place where everyone from the beatnik to the biker can kick up the same dust and share in the same joys. A place for foolish talking, sharing stories, ideas and dreams with wide open possibilities and wide open minds. We hope you enjoy, grow and truly feel and experience every step on your journey. Welcome to InnDica, a Place for Foolish Talking. Find Inndica online at and @inndica420 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Last but not least here’s what our team members think about their CBD infused coffee:

“Our CBD Coffee instantly puts me in the focused zone, especially when freshly brewed!” – Ely Anne Vedar, PR Director

“Growing up in England, I was always more a tea drinker but honestly our CBD coffee is now my must-have drink when at the office and now often at home too. I’ve been converted!” – Scott Williams, Sales Director

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So this Labor Day, the Hakuna Supply team would like to raise a cup to your team and all you’re hard work-we mean of CBD coffee of course but if your prefers a stiffer drink, that’s ok too, it is a holiday after all!


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