The HHS At The Blue Mountain Event Center For Stilldream 2019

Our adventure to Stilldream took us and the Hakuna Hemp Cafe to the Blue Mountain Event Center, a few hours east of California’s capital, Sacramento. Blue Mountain Event Center is a truly unique venue, with a valley with a river running through and completely engulfed with trees, tucked away in what feels like galaxies away from the everyday.

Photo Credit: Nate Nafyah

Stilldream festival is just as unique as its location. Now in its 19th year, they have continued to make each year special and have developed a unique family of people that keep coming back every year for more. Our Hakuna Supply team so grateful to join the family and share our CBD infused drinks and vegan bagels with such a fantastic group of people.

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Everyone we interacted with was kind and so appreciative, especially with us being the only vegan vendors and one of the only vegan options that existed for attendees. We’re truly proud of the one-of-a-kind relationships that we’ve been able to create with the founders of Stilldream and guests alike. 

Stilldream late night vibes are always on point. Photo Credit: @stilldreamfestival

We can’t wait to do it all again in 2020 and provide an even better experience for all of those that come to celebrate 20 years of Stilldream.

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